I wanted to share some pictures of my little Hamster Ostrava, I made him a massive natural cage so he could live his best hamster life 😌 still plenty of work to go but it’s a start! He’s the tiny little black bear looking guy

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Last night, with the help of the dogs I saved a baby squirrel! It must have fallen out of it’s nest at some point yesterday and the dogs brought it inside, they were being really loud around midnight which is super unusual, so I went to check on them and lo and behold there it was.

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Farmers and animal rights activists are coming together to fight big factory farms: “The Farm System Reform Act won’t end all the abuses of factory farming, all the environmental degradation it causes, all the economic exploitation faced by farmers. But it’s a start.”

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‘It’s against nature’: illegal wildlife trade casts shadow over traditional Chinese medicine

Experts warn the exploitation of endangered animals such as pangolin and tiger is tarnishing the industry Supporters and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have warned that the discipline is threatened by those who continue to trade in endangered animals. The…

Breaking! New Online Vegan Grocery Store ‘GTFO It’s Vegan’ Launches With Mouthwatering Food Items Shipping Throughout The U.S.

During these unprecedented times, many people have turned to online shopping, yet often discover that their favorite products are not available, or have shipping times extended out weeks or even months. Enter GTFO It’s Vegan, a new online retailer that currently ships anywhere…